After several years of cancer treatment it was by chance that I went for acupuncture. Not knowing what to expect I was amazed, and truly thankful, at the transformation it has made to my health. Within weeks the treatment had improved my energy levels significantly and kick started my digestive system. Additionally, Cath has a remarkable way of recognising and relieving stress. I can honestly say that, as a result of the acupuncture, my zest and vitality for life is better now than at any point in the last five years. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone, especially cancer sufferers. I only wish I'd tried it sooner!

Andrea, Barrow-upon-Soar.

Catherine's acupressure massages are wonderful. When I met Cath, I was struggling with a sharp pain on my shoulder. After the first session the pain was much less intense and by the end of the second session the pain was gone. I have never had it again. Cath's acupressure massages are also very effective when dealing with work-related muscle tension. Overall, Cath's therapy is a body-and-soul booster that I strongly recommend to everybody.

Ines, Barrow-upon-Soar.

Struggling with both physical and emotional issues I decided to visit Cath and give acupuncture a try. I instantly felt relaxed and Cath offered me a wealth of advice to help alongside her treatment. Week by week I began to feel much stronger and I still visit Cath from time to time as I find the treatment so benefical to my whole well being.

Marie, Quorn.

Just wanted to let you know how good I have been feeling since I visited you - I have no dental pain at all - the first time in almost 18 months! I am going to the dentist this Friday and I am sure that if I had not been to you first I would of ended up having more fillings or maybe even a root canal! Looking forward to seeing you next time, but wanted to tell you before then. When you are not in pain you forget - and I have been like this a few days now - its wonderful. Thank you again.

Julie, Loughborough.

I first visited Cath nearly two years ago after a fall, having jarred an already unstable back due to a prolapsed disc. Using a combination of acupuncture and massage I was soon moving with more ease and less pain. I still visit Cath every six weeks for a general health check, concentrating on any problem areas I may have at the time. With her friendly smile and chatty personality she helps you to relax and makes treatment a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Thank you Cath.

Joy, Loughborough.

To be honest I was a bit apprehensive about trying acupuncture but I have found it a completely positive and enjoyable experience. I was feeling a lot of stress with work pressure and my wife suggested a visit to Cath. I now really look forward to my monthly massage and acupuncture session - I'm not sure I'm fully chilled yet but at least I am on the way!

Pete, Quorn.

After several nice and relaxing but short term gain massages I decided to give Cath a go. Cath provides a very personal service and takes time to listen and offers remedies for both body and mind. Her sessions are extremely effective and I find that unlike other practitioners you only receive the amount of sessions required. There is never any pressure to keep returning for more where there is no need. My neck and shoulder complaint was remedied swiftly and it's a comfort to know should I or any anyone I know have problems that Cath is available. Thanks for such an excellent service.

Bev, Barrow-upon-Soar.

Recently moving to Barrow, I was apprehensive about finding a new acupuncturist, Catherine made me feel at ease instantly and her professional and friendly approach was everything I was looking for. Acupuncture sessions with Catherine have helped to reduce my stress levels in everyday life and improve my overall well being. I would certainly recommend Catherine to my friends and family.

Jon, Barrow-upon-Soar.

Cath was recommended to me by a friend. I had recently had major knee surgery and was struggling with excruciating pain. Cath discovered I had complicated pre surgery damage but she gradually worked through the problem using acupuncture, massage and cupping and over several weeks we reached a point where treatment could stop. My knee is now almost pain free and just in need of some strengthening. Cath is a lovely warm person -very talented in her field and I would recommend her to anyone who needs anything from a soothing massage to serious injury treatment.

Do, Quorn.

When Cath told me that she could fix my arthritic hip pain with about 6 sessions of acupuncture, I doubted but admired her optimism. I had been to physiotherapists and an osteopath who helped relieve the pain but it was still there for years. I have a mild phobia about needles too but I was willing to try anything to relieve the pain. I found Cath very friendly and calm. She put me at ease straight away. The tiny needles didn't hurt at all. And sure enough, her skilful treatment worked! I haven't been back since and have been pain free for over a year. I recommend Cath to you unreservedly.

Sue, Barrow-upon-Soar.

I am afraid of needles; yes you are right so why go to acupuncturist? Put simply, I had tried everything and thought I would give this ago. I wish I had done this years ago, Catherine's friendly approach and understanding of my needs meant that she relieved the pain I get from spending a long time driving, working, being a father of active young children and being generally unfit/overweight! She tailors my appointment to enable me to get the best out of it without causing me stress. I would thoroughly recommend Catherine to everyone, and have.

Ben, Quorn.

After a car accident last year I was left with some long term back problems. I was recommended to Catherine by a local fitness instructor. Catherine used so many different techniques that I wasn't even aware of before and yet helped so much: cupping, magnets, tape, as well as the massage and acupuncture! She always knew exactly where the problem was and how to treat it! Thank you so much!

Dawn, Stanton.

I decided to try acupuncture after Catherine was recommended by a friend. My husband and I already had a child and were trying to conceive again. I had regular treatments in the weeks running up to our western fertility treatment and we both had treatment around the actual IVF cycle. Acupuncture really helped me to feel like I was supporting and giving my IVF the best possible chance. Also it gave me an hour a week to unwind and unload any issues or feeling I had. Catherine is a great listener and turns any negative thoughts you may have into positive. I would always recommend anyone going through IVF to support it with acupuncture… worked for me! We are now the proud parents of month old twin boys. Thank you Catherine!

Claire, Mountsorrel.


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