Who Benefits from Treatment?

Anyone can benefit from treatment as it is gentle and supportive. Treatments can be used to put something right, help you manage your way through a difficult period or simply to maintain your existing good health.


The knowledge that massage and touch eases pain and improves well being and has been understood for centuries. The earliest Chinese text describing touch as a method of healing is The Yellow Emperor's Manual of Corporeal Healing, published during the Western Han period (202BC to AD9). This manual remains central to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine even today.

Over time specific areas were mapped out on the body, that when stimulated, influenced the function of a particular organ. These areas are called acupoints. Acupoints that affect the same organ are 'joined together' by a series of invisible channels or meridians, which are named according to the organ that they influence. An invisible life force energy called Qi flows through these channels.

When Qi is balanced and flowing freely a person is healthy. When the flow of Qi is obstructed or out of balance a person often experiences ill heath. Treatment aims to manipulate the flow of Qi through stimulation of the acupoints to create a balance of energy where there was a previous imbalance.

Conditions Treated?

Acupuncture and Acupressure Massage and Tuina offer a wide range of benefits, but are especially useful for:

     Shoulder, Neck & Back Pain
     Sciatic Pain
     Rheumatic & Arthritic Pain
     Sports Injury
     Headache and Migraine
     Menstrual and Reproductive Health
     Digestive Health
     Improved Wellbeing

In 2003 the World Health Organisation published a report recognising the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of a range of conditions; click here to see a copy of this report.

Contact me if you have a particular complaint not listed, and would like to know whether acupuncture could be helpful.
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